Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Working With Your Realtor

The days of just putting up your listing and letting the realtor take care of things are long gone. Maybe during the days of a sellers market that tactic worked, but not anymore. If you rely solely on your realtor to get your house sold, you are in serious trouble. But why? Well, this article is going to try to explain JUST why. Hope you're taking notes.

Probably the biggest reason all comes down to economics...primarily the kind of economics that affects your realtor in the wallet. See, like it or not, during down times, houses don't sell as quickly. Heck, you're lucky if you can get your home sold for anywhere near what you want, if at all. Because of this, realtors don't spend as much time with your "old" listing as they do with the newer listings. Once you've hit that magic "30 Day Doomsday" period, you might as well forget about getting much help from your realtor at all. I'm sure you've probably noticed this.

So, you need to work WITH your realtor. How? Actually, it's quite simple. While they're out chasing the newer listings, you still have a house to sell and you still want to show your house to prospective buyers. Well, why not take matters into your own hands? What do I mean? When somebody shows interest in your home, why not show them around yourself? After all, who knows your house better than YOU?

Another thing you can do is to help your realtor by placing your own ads. Look, you're talking about selling a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more. Certainly you can afford to place your own ad...and not one of those stodgy things that nobody is going to read. And no negative ads either. Telling people that you "must sell" your house isn't putting YOU in the driver's seat.

And yes, you CAN put yourself there. All you need is a better mindset. In my signature is a great book that has a totally out of the box way to sell a home even in a buyers market and do it in 21 days or less. I wish I had thought of this a long time ago. It is pure genius.

Anyway, work with your realtor. You're the one who wants to get YOUR house sold, and nobody is going to care more than you do.

To YOUR House Selling Success,

Carson T Dyle

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